Pool Rules and Information

*Remember:  The LiveWell pool closes one hour before the club closes.
**Lifeguards and LiveWell Employees are responsible for enforcing all pool rules and have the authority to remove anyone not obeying rules.
  1. You are allowed to bring food to the pool but drinks must be purchased from LiveWell’s snack bar. Ask front desk for details.
  2. No coolers in the pool area.
  3. No floating devices or pool accessories are allowed in the pool. Ask front desk about lap boards and baby water wings.
  4. No one under 17 in hot tub unless with parent in the hot tub.
  5. All children 12 and under must be accompanied at all times by a responsible adult.  Members 13 – 16 may swim without adult supervision if lifeguard is on duty.
  6. All accidents, no matter how minor, must be reported to lifeguard or front desk.
  7. Lifeguards on duty are not permitted to talk to members or give diving or swimming lessons.
  8. Proper swimming attire must be used in pool and pool areas.
  9. Please towel off and put on a cover-up before entering the building.  No swimsuits are allowed inside the club.
  10. No spitting in the pool or any other type of contaminating the water.
  11. No smoking or dipping anywhere on LiveWell property.
  12. Anyone sick or with any kind of skin disease is not allowed in the pool.
  13. People who can not swim are not allowed in the deep end.
  14. No playing tag, wrestling, running, pushing, and/or throwing anything in the pool area.
  15. No more than one person at a time on the diving board/slide and only one bounce on board.
  16. Water slide is open only during lifeguard hours. Sliding feet first while seated upright is the only permitted.
  17. No diving in shallow end.
  18. No hanging on lane lines or pool dividing lines.
  19. No china, glass, or glass containers permitted in pool area at any time. This applies to lotions, creams, etc..
  20. Roped off lap lane is for lap swimmers only.
  21. No entering the pool with tanning lotion/oil until after showering.


Revised January 2016